What is a VIP Account?

There is no minimum amount to fund your account, however, a larger opening balance, will make your trading potentially more profitable, as all your trades will be  Commission FREE.
If you open a trading account with our recommended broker,  BDSwiss, you can trade with Zero Commission Costs if you open a VIP Account with £3000 $3000 or €3000 or more.
For every point that the DAX or DOW moves in your chosen direction, you would be earning about £1, or $1 or €1 multiplied by the number of lots.
Therefore, just 30 points gain on the day, will give you a daily profit of £30 per each lot, or 1% on a VIP Account.
Winning 30 Points on the day, with 10 lots therefore, would produce approximately £300 income for the day or 10% on a VIP Account. 
Funding with £3000 $3000 or €3000 or more will qualify your account as a VIP Account with BDSwiss and is ideal for those who can afford.
Most VIP Accounts are opened with a minimum of €5000 although only €3000 is the minimum
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