Payments Using Ethereum

Payments using Crypto-Currency

Your payments and subscription payments are conveniently made in the form of Crypto-Currency, or Digital Currency as some people prefer to know it.

In order to get started, you will need to purchase Ethereum, which is our preferred Crypto Currency. You can complete this purchase of Ethereum, using your Debit Card.

Apart from being one of the most innovative trusted and innovative digital wallets, Monarchpay also process our monthly recurring subscriptions. 

Provided you keep your Monarchpay Wallet topped up with funds, from your Debit Card, you can simply convert these funds, at the click of a mouse, to purchase instant Ethereum. You will then always have sufficient Ethereum in your wallet, in order to cover your subscription payments.

Of course, you can convert Crypto-Currency back to your preferred fiat currency, like Euros or GBPs and transfer the amount with a click of the mouse, back to your bank.

Another option, is to transfer them back to a wallet like or maybe Coinbase, where you can request a Crypto VISA Card and spend your Crypto, anywhere you would normally spend VISA.

Total flexibility, total convenience, total security, plus quick, cheap and efficient. This is the modern form of  banking….and quickly becoming the preferred method of banking for millions around the world too.

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