Compensation Plan

When our members register a Basic Membership Package and start a 14 Day Introductory Trial, they have the option to upgrade to our Robotic Copy Trading Service and also the option to refer others like themselves to GLOBIT Wealth Academy.

If you choose to refer others to GLOBIT Wealth Academy, this is a form of Affiliate Income and is the method many online companies, including the likes of Amazon and many other large corporations use, to help promote and market their corporations.

Your first two referrals are known as Pass Up Sales and provided you have 2 Active Pass Up Sales, you will be automatically promoted to Executive Trader.

As an active member of GLOBIT Wealth Academy you will be paying only €10 Monthly for our Basic Membership Package and you will have your own self replicated Website URL, accessed from your back office.

Upgrading to our Robotic Copy Trading Service will cost an additional €150 every 14 days.

Optional Upgrade to IBO

Only IBOs qualify to receive commission payments and so once you have made your 2 Pass Up Referrals, you will need to Upgrade to IBO, to be entitled to receive future commission payments. 

By using any form of  online advertising or maybe Social Media advertising, you may develop substantial income from personal referrals and team referrals. Most of these commissions will be residual earnings that generate commission, each and every month.

Commissions are paid fortnightly and monthly.

All your referral commissions and team commissions will of course, be in addition to your trading profits.

Only active members, who maintain their payments for all 3 subscriptions as follows, will be entitled to receive commission payments –

  • Basic Membership (€10 Monthly) 
  • Upgrade to Robotic Copy Trading Service (€150 fortnightly) 
  • Upgrade to IBO  (€15 Monthly) 

Unlimited Referral and Team Commissions

There is absolutely no limit on your level of income when you build a team with GLOBIT Wealth Academy. 

You will receive up to €55  commission per month, from every active team member personally referred, or indirectly referred, down infinite levels. 

As your team grows in width (personal referrals) and in depth (team referrals) your monthly residual income can increase exponentially.

All pending commissions can be seen in your back office and simply by clicking the Pending Commissions, it will activate the payment process for payment of all due commissions.

Fast Start Commissions

You will receive a fixed amount of commission of €50 from every direct referral when new customers register a 14 Day Introductory Trial and purchase a Basic Membership Package.

Training Bonuses

You will receive €25 paid twice monthly, on all referrals, including personal referrals and team referrals, down unlimited levels – but excluding Pass Up Sales.

Leadership Bonuses

For those achieving the higher levels of success and who build large teams, additional bonuses are available, known as Leadership Bonuses and which represent a fixed amount of up to  €5 paid on the monthly subscription of every member currently paying their personal subscriptions, in the Unilevel Teams.

Commission Payouts

All commissions are payable either monthly or fortnightly as follows –

  • Fast Start Commissions – Monthly
  • Training Bonuses – Fortnightly
  • Leadership Bonuses – Monthly

Tracking Software

All team builders have private log in access to track their team growth with a detailed genealogy report and statements that display full earnings from personal referrals and team building.

When referring others to your team, simply use the URL to your Replicated Website (inside your Dashboard) and when your referrals register, it will automatically add the new members to your team and create entitlement to commissions.

The tracking software, provides total analysis and tracking of referral income and team income, both past and present.

To maintain access to your back office, it is important to maintain your Basic Membership Monthly fee of €10, otherwise, you will be automatically locked out of your back office.

This tracking software, provides total analysis and tracking of IBOs income, both past and present.

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